To what extent can we form

Extent by a long chalk By a large amount, by a great degree, by far.

To what extent can we form

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However, in one adopts a more liberal definition, namely the complete domination of one portion of the country by the other without the consent of the dominated portion, then reconstruction is a classic example of internal colonization.

Congress was dominated by Radical Republicans following Strictly speaking reconstruction of the South following the Civil War does not meet the textbook definition of colonization: Congress was dominated by Radical Republicans following the end of the war, the most extreme of whom were Charles Sumner of Massachusetts and Thaddeus Stevens of Pennsylvania.

Sumner's position was that the former Confederate states had "committed political suicide. Needless to say, the Senate refused to seat him. Ultimately, Congress established a Joint Committee on Reconstruction and also passed the Military Reconstruction Act which placed the South under military rule; fifteen districts with a military governor.

To what extent can we form

The military governor controlled who could sit on state conventions to draft new constitutions.Nov 20,  · I have learnt this phrase long before.

like "To some extent,I agree with you" but what's the meaning of "to the extent that+ clause",any word can be used in its place?thank you:) eg: In his January State of the Union address (to the extent that multilateralism was addressed at all), the extent that all (nly know it can be used in a negative sentence or a question) please.

We can lose our identity when our environment changes A change in environment could cause us to lose our identity to some extent. Everyone's identity is different to a certain extent due to our upbringing and physical appearance.

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to the extent of/that/to such an extent that(etc) phrase You use expressions such as to the extent of, to the extent that, or to such an extent that in order to emphasize that a situation has reached a difficult, dangerous, or surprising stage.

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