The importance of mother hood

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The importance of mother hood

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When we imagine minds newly opened to levels of greater understanding, what we typically picture are children learning the foundational blocks of knowledge that build the complex world around us. But often overlooked are the adults who, for a multitude of reasons, did not gain this foundation in their youth, and who are now navigating the world without vital literacy skills.

They need to learn, too, and their education matters. Their skills are limited to understanding short, simple texts and one-step math problems at best.

They struggle to find employment. They struggle to help their children with homework.

The importance of mother hood

They struggle to understand a bus schedule, instructions on a bottle of medication, and nutritional information on a package of food. This is because literacy means not only the ability to read, but the ability to read well, to process information and solve problems.

So if functional illiteracy is a void that consumes much more than simply the ability to read, then improved adult literacy will inversely have an enormous positive impact. A person no longer stymied by understanding a job application will have the skills to not just find employment, but also retain employment.

Improved literacy also results in more informed health decisions regarding nutrition and preventative care, which obviously benefit the individual but also create better health outcomes and lower healthcare costs for the nation as a whole.

Adult learners, and the need for improved adult literacy, deserve our attention and efforts because these people deserve the opportunity not just to survive, but to flourish.The bulwark against this listless melancholy is fatherhood.

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When fathers are present and strong, they combine both the firm hand of experienced maturity with the soft touch of love that allows boys to grow into strong, self-assured men. THE IMPORTANCE OF CHILDREN’S LITERATURE – THE GOOD BOOKS [This Preface and the following Introduction will be part of a book of the same or similar title, including Study Guides for each of the Good Books included on our list.].

A number of years ago I saw a one page calendar that showed all the Ford pickup trucks from the first one to the present day.

I thought, what a nice idea.

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Our Text: Proverbs The vital importance of mother needs no confirmation. The very existence of each of us and any progress we may have made toward physical or emotional maturity testifies to the essential nature of motherhood.

Maternal TB and TB/HIV Maternal mortality (per ,) All TB HIV+ 12, HIV- 3, Khan AIDS Women of childbearing age have the highest burden of TB.

The importance of mother hood

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