Research paper outsourcing jobs

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Research paper outsourcing jobs

Outsourcing to India The process of globalization led to significantly increased competition in most business fields. Local companies are forced to compete in their domestic market with foreign companies that come with less expensive products and services.

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In order to maintain their competitiveness, companies must apply strategic alternatives that allow them to reduce their costs while maintain their quality level. Outsourcing is one of these strategic alternatives. Most corporations started by outsourcing their production process to cheaper destinations in order to reduce production costs and to be able to provide competitive prices.

In addition to this, companies decided to establish several production plants near the markets they intend to address. Furthermore, companies continued the process by outsourcing it jobs in order to reduce costs with the workforce and to benefit from the knowledge and experience of employees in other countries.

The most preferred destinations for outsourcing are represented by China and India. These emerging markets resent several advantages for Western companies that outsource some of their processes.

They provide a wide talent pool and skilled workforce at lower costs. Additional expenses are also less expensive in these countries. Given the fact that numerous companies outsource their processes and benefit from reduced costs, this situation determines other companies to follow this strategy.

However, when deciding to outsource some of their processes, companies must also take into consideration the disadvantages of this activity.

For example, some of the customers that purchased consumer goods have complained about the quality of these products. This is because the workers in these countries are not necessarily able to reach the high quality standards imposed by these companies and their customers.

Advantages of Outsourcing to India The outsourcing process is connected with the globalization that started to impact India since the early s the country's government identified the potential opportunities that could be exploited with the right strategies in order to improve the country's economy.

Therefore, the government developed and implemented a series of liberalization and privatization reforms. One of the most important reforms is represented by the privatization of the telecom services sector.

The strategy determined a series of business opportunities for Indian and Western companies because numerous inbound call centers, telemarketing services, and data processing centers were developed Outsource2India, This was followed by the outsourcing in the it industry.

Initially, companies outsourced medical transcription services. In addition to this, the Indian outsourcing market provided services that refer to data processing, medical billing, and customer support services.

The range of the outsourcing services provided by the Indian market significantly developed, and it currently includes also database marketing, web sales and marketing, accounting, tax processing, transaction document management, and others.

There are several advantages that India can provide to companies that want to maintain their competitive advantage. The most important advantage is represented by the reduced costs that Indian companies provide for their outsourcing services.

Some of these companies claim that by outsourcing to India, Western companies can save more than half of their operating costs.

Research paper outsourcing jobs

In addition to this, India is able to provide a continuously growing workforce that is highly educated, skilled, and trained in several technical fields.

The technical talent that characterizes most of the Indian workforce allows the country to provide cost effective services. This way, outsourcing companies can expect not to reduce the quality standards they established. In order to support these quality standards, Indian companies that provide outsourcing services focus on using cutting edge software, technology, and infrastructure.

These are considered to be the most important ingredients that determine high quality services. From this point-of-view, India is advantaged in comparison with other outsourcing destinations. This is the reason for which India is preferred for outsourcing it and other technical services, while China is preferred for outsourcing production services.

There are certain aspects that must be taken into consideration when companies decide to outsource their services. One of these issues is represented by time zones differences.

This is another advantage that India has in comparison with other outsourcing countries.

Research paper outsourcing jobs

The outsourcing companies in India are able to provide continuous assistance. When investing in other countries, companies are interested in the economic, political, and social environment in these countries. This is because the stability of their environment contributes to the company's stability.

The fact that the Indian political environment is a stable one has determined Western countries to choose this outsourcing destination. The country's government is committed to support the development of the it sector by financing technology and infrastructure.

The Cultural Dimension The cultural environment is an important factor that U. The cultural differences between the Western civilization and the Indian one refer to numerous aspects that must be understood by all stakeholders when outsourcing.Outsourcing: A Review of Trends, Winners & Losers and Future Directions University of Gloucestershire Cheltenham, GL50 2RH.

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Abstract The primary objective of this paper is to analyse the outsourcing trends in last one decade and to forecast the future on the basis of past studies. There is an ultimate outcry over the jobs going overseas. popular destinations for outsourcing activity, i.e. jobs, and direct most of their FDI back to the For the purposes of this paper outsourcing is which they pursue outsourcing.

While their research was concluded in , many of their. STI Working Paper /1 Productivity Impacts of Offshoring and Outsourcing: It is the purpose of this paper to give an overview of existing research on offshore outsourcing and its impact on productivity.

Outsourcing American Jobs to Foreign Countries - Research Paper

outsourcing refers to the relocation of jobs and processes to external providers regardless of the provider’s. Ductivity research jobs are just one outsourced to the page paper on outsourcing research shows how leading economists.

Made you started thinking about the death of american jobs offshore. International economics department, from the political uproar over offshore outsourcing of outsourcing research on the act of dollars on labor costs and. "The outsourcing of American jobs has contributed to the substantial unemployment rate and financial instability facing American workers." Then you'd lay out the research that shows how it has effected unemployment, and how is has put American families at financial risk.

Read this Business Research Paper and over 88, other research documents. Outsourcing of American Manufacturing Jobs. A machinist goes into work just like he has been for the past 20 years; suddenly he is told.

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