Remedies for naxalism

The term Naxalism derives its name from the village Naxalbari of West Bengal. It is originated as rebellion against local landlords who bashed a peasant over a land dispute. This rebellion was under the leadership of Kanu Santhal and Jagan Sanyal with an objective of rightful redistribution of the land to working peasants which was initiated in

Remedies for naxalism

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Communism has been a powerful political force in India since the s. Over time, there emerged two major communist parties: There is a rigid dichotomy in the answer to this question. If you consider the Manmohan era of regime, the menace of Naxalism was dealt with primacy.

As the Maoists were in the process of preparing their army, the Indian government was committed to defeat such forces, Pillai said. P Chidambaram was ardent proponent of using the brute force paramilitary against the Naxalites and to contain them. Fast forward the timeline to today's scenario of issue of Naxalism in India and you will notice a paradigm shift in priority of security issues in India.

With Doval as National Security Advisor, Modi is likely to make internal security, counter-terrorism, and counter-insurgency a priority for his administration. Thus the ruling government is contriving plans to emphasize more on the internal terrorism and separatists and other such similar elements under check and at the same time wants to establish itself as a Hardliner against international terrorism.

Although PM Modi alludes international and cross border terrorism as his priority we cannot say for sure that the issue of Naxalism has been put on sideburner.Naxalism is a political ideology, not a socio-economic movement - Aimed at the upgrading of tribal or rural people.

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Distribution of natural resource productive benefits - Shifts in natural resource productive benefits between social groups have created opportunities Naxalites to emerge in these areas.

A globally trusted and the largest INFO-BASE of Indian Books Share this page. Reddy argued for an united Andhra Pradesh by focussing on the speeches of Manmohan Singh on left-wing extremism, where the prime minister has said that Naxalism is the single biggest internal.

In Manmohan Singh said that development was a master remedy to solve the Naxalite problem.

Remedies for naxalism

Social injustice, exploitation and deprivation are the seeds of extremism, the euphemism for Maoism or Naxalism. Every victim of social injustice, humiliation, exploitation or deprivation is a potential extremist, who has the solitary avenue—Maoism—to embrace for redressal of their grievances.

If Naxalism is a threat to national security, remove the threat which, ironically, is not Naxalism or Maoism but the poverty, which every anecdote shows, spawns Naxalism.

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