Ocr gcse food coursework

It should be Appendix - an example of annotated coursework.

Ocr gcse food coursework

Resources - PowerPoint Task 1 - Quick class survey. Where have we lived? Where have we migrated from. Using this worksheetlocate every home country of the students in our IGCSE Geography class this may be places you have lived too.

Then draw a dotted red line from each location to our school.

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Task 2 - Check out this i nteractive migration model. Click on your home country and list the top five groups of migrants who arrive there. Conduct some research to find out why people migrate to your country from the number 1 destination.

The first column should be entitled 'Push Factors' and the second 'Pull Factors'. Try to think of at least five pull and push factors and write them down. Use your general geographical knowledge to apply places and people to your examples where appropriate.

Alternatively, you may want to use this worksheet courtesy of TES. You will see two conflicting views on the USA.

Ocr gcse food coursework

The ladies are idealistic pros and the gents are realistic cons. How many of each can you remember?

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Watch the two part documentary below entitled 'Wall of Shame' Mexico to the US and take notes on content. Work your way through each of the tasks in the booklet above. Task 1 - 9 are based on the two part video above 'Walls of Shame'.

Task 10 will require you to research developmental data for both countries. You can also check out the section below. Make notes on the causes and effects of this new movement of migrants back to their country of origin.

Why is he doing this? Task 6- Mexican Superhero! Study the images carefully and complete the diary task at the end. This can be completed as either: To understand why people move within Brazil and to understand the issues that this creates at place of origin and destination.

Use the Google Map beneath to familiarise yourself with the location. Should Margarita stay or go? Use the Google map below to help you.

Ocr gcse food coursework

Print out a copy for your folders and highlight the key aspects for revision. Describe the push and pull factors influencing internal migration in Brazil 4 b. Explain how and why conditions in Sao Paulo can decline with a rapid growth in urban population 4.Pet Food Nutrition › Forums › Community › Ocr Nationals Coursework – This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by subzopokatuff 1 week, 2 .

Our GCSE Food provision is changing. A new GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition qualification has been developed for first teaching in September To find out more visit our new qualification page below. GCSE - Food Preparation and Nutrition () - J (from ) The great thing about this. Teach the WJEC GCSE Food and Nutrition qualification, book training and view resources available for teachers and students.

Addysgwch gymhwyster TGAU Bwyd a Maeth CBAC, archebwch ei lle ar hyfforddiant ac edrychwch ar yr adnoddau sydd ar gael i athrawon a myfyrwyr. GCSE FOOD TECHNOLOGY REVISION SECTION B. GBU 2 coursework. You must be aware of all of the stages of producing a new dish. Design briefs Research Design criteria and specification Design Ideas Nutritional analysis Evaluate, test and refine.

All the resources you need to set up the course to both level 1 and level 2 entries-Unit 1, 2 and 4 Coursework templates, assessment sheets, excel trackers, teacher/student feedback sheets-Unit 3 Personal learning RAG checklists and very good revision cards This will save you lots of time.

All resources were made after a CPD visit with a VCERT Food Moderator. 10 SATS questions for 10 days (mental maths & written) Prezi Presentations. A Series of Prezis by Mr Riley.

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