How to write a paragraph about my hometown

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How to write a paragraph about my hometown

Two earlier lists can be seen elsewhere on this blog: Borisov is also known as Barysaw. Gravestones earlier than could not be identified because there was no Hebrew or Yiddish translator available to Gitlin and also because of Nazi mutilation of gravestones and cemetery destruction during the occupation.

I then made a few transliteration adjustments and altered the alphabetization from Cyrillic. Please contact me about any errors you may find. There are a number of transliteration systems for the Cyrillic alphabet.

The numbers at the far right of each name relate to the gravestone location in the cemetery. Bobroff and the invention of the roll-call voting machine Thursday, September 9th, This post is part of a thread about the world of my grandfather in Russia and in the United States after he immigrated in Information and photos of his other inventions in the US can be found here.

An article about his work as a very young man in Russia is here.

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A group of articles about his world in Russia is here. My writing time this week has been swallowed up by an article for an e-zine issue coming out in October about my genealogy research.

They each published articles about my grandfather Bornett L. Note the two panels on either side of the dais. These list each Congressman's name, along with lights indicating a yes or no vote.

Snippet from United States Congressional Record listing states in which the electric roll-call voting machine had been installed. Louisiana Representative "Speedy" Long of the dynasty begun by Huey Long, in whose time Louisiana adopted Bobroff's voting machine had just introduced a amendment that the US Congress finally install electric voting.

But he got more press coverage for inventing the roll-call voting machine. Other state legislatures followed. But meanwhile, there was a brief window of excitement that a Wisconsin inventor, an immigrant from Russia, might make the national scene.

Milwaukee Free Press cartoon and article My next guest blogger is the author of a Milwaukee Free Press article about my grandfather, adorned with a wonderful cartoon drawing. Bobroff Well, unfortunately this article prints too small for the text to be legible.

To see this article in a larger, more readable. Because he seems to be more often referred to in English by the more westernized Alexander Rosenbloom, I am now switching to that version.

The Borisov ghetto at liberation, This list contains something close to 3, names. I want to thank Rosenbloom Rosenblyum for the many years of research he has devoted to compiling this list.

I also want to thank Leon Kull for transliterating the names from Cyrillic for my website. And thanks to my son Nicky Hajal for doing the programming needed to accommodate such a massive list on this blog post. They made up Borisov was occupied by German troops on July 2, According to one accounta ghetto was established on the outskirts of Borisov in the late summer of The Slavic population was moved out of an area of a few blocks and told to take Jewish homes on other streets.

The ghetto was surrounded by barbed wire, leaving only one gateway. Resettlement occurred in a single day, with Jews allowed to take only what possessions they could carry by hand.

Extreme overcrowding led to terrible sanitary conditions and disease. We may wonder whether similar scenes played out in Borisov.

Other separate actions brought the total of those murdered to around 9, In this he sees a tribute to the memory of the generation that went through the trials of the war, Soviet construction, and liquidation of national and religious life.

how to write a paragraph about my hometown

There may be an error with respect to the name, according to an informant.I want to show you an actual email someone sent me to ask for something that had me clamoring to call them. With emails like these, I hope you appreciate the mental fortitude it takes to not go insane every day of my .

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how to write a paragraph about my hometown

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We will write a. How to Write an Informal Email for FCE Writing. An email is an example of an interactive writing, which means that we are writing to someone rather than just for someone to read.

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