How to write a fantasy novel book

How to Write a Book in Three Days: In the early days of Michael Moorcock's plus-years career, when he was living paycheck-to-paycheck, he wrote a whole slew of action-adventure sword-and-sorcery novels very, very quickly, including his most famous books about the tortured anti-hero Elric. Inhe published a collection of interviews conducted by Colin Greenland called Michael Moorcock:

How to write a fantasy novel book

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See my published fiction list. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Val Kovalin and Obsidianbookshelf. They may sound obvious when pointed out, but they have a way of creeping into one's fantasy fiction.

Here's an alphabetical list. An historic castle is sometimes really tiny!

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Beginners often describe a huge amount of intrigue carried out in the secret passages of castles. Ladies and lords cheat on each other, conduct weird rituals, and have clandestine councils of war.

In reality, those castles and keeps were sometimes built small to be easy to defend. The cold European weather also kept the rooms small and the beds full of family members to keep warm. No privacy and no way to carry out elaborate intrigue without everyone knowing about it.

For authenticity, you should address this when you have your castle residents sneaking around. Keep it to a minimum. I'm all for not describing your character at all, and letting your readers fill in their own picture. You might want to hint at your hero or heroine's size because it can make a huge difference in someone's life if he's a small, delicate man or she's an overweight woman.

Otherwise, who cares about the color of his eyes and hair? It's more interesting that he has bold eyes or dreamy eyes, or she has frizzy untamable hair. I realize that writers of romance or epic fantasy will probably ignore my advice. Just, please, don't have your character look into a reflective surface like a pond or mirror and start cataloging her features like a mug shot.

Show her looks through action: If you make her too gorgeous, she may sound like a Mary-Sue character. Don't make your British readers laugh their arses off. We American writers sometimes use British-flavored expressions in fantasy fiction because we're trying hard to sound less mundane that is, contemporary American and more exotic.

The amateurs among us sprinkle in a few British phrases usually the rude expressions and leave it at that: Or we attempt a Cockney accent for characters from the lower classes such as Orcs and peasants.The latest novel from Shipp (The Atrocities, , etc.) is a creepy fusion of dark fantasy and psychological horror about an intruder who breaks into a family's home and begins perverting their memories with insidious subtlety.

Limyaael's Rant # Plotting a Fantasy Novel, It doesn’t have a true reason to be in the book.

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It’s only extra pages of flab. If it has a true reason, then it should be just as exciting as the rest. If not, take a good, long look at it, and ask yourself if it really needs to be there.

Bleak. This book starts in a bleak world where all the characters are guilt ridden, angry, and/or depressed. No good things happen, several bad things happen, there is a short gratuitous sex scene (not romance, but you're better than a rock so let's have sex, sex scene), and then the books ends in . The latest novel from Shipp (The Atrocities, , etc.) is a creepy fusion of dark fantasy and psychological horror about an intruder who breaks into a family's home and begins perverting their memories with insidious subtlety. Start with Enough Story. The first rule of writing a book series is having enough content to justify more than one book. Even if you plan to write an expansive multi-book series, editing is still your best friend.

The Worst Ways to Begin Your Novel: Advice from Literary Agents. I had to write those chapters in order to learn about the characters, but they didn’t need to be in the book.

how to write a fantasy novel book

I have a fascinating prologue that I’m writing parallell to my fantasy novel, but it’ll never see the light of day in book form.) BrandiBlessed says. Keep writing to the end of your fantasy novel.

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Realize that you will cut most of your first chapter and either discard it, or work the most important bits in through dialogue and action. But all that cutting and reorganization can come after you finish writing the rough draft.

So you want to write a fantasy novel. You're enamoured with epic sagas from the likes of Tolkien, Martin and Rowling; you love everything about the genre, and you feel that you have your own fantasy . Mar 23,  · My genre of my novel is going to be fantasy/sci-fi. It starts off a few hundred years from now on a distant solar system.

I'm trying to make it world driven as well as character driven.

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