Guyana defence force in national development

Training assistance was provided by British instructors. In Januarythe GDF faced their first test when the Rupununi Uprisinga bloody separatist movement in southern Guyana, attempted to annex the territory to Venezuela that was contained 3 days later with a balance of between 70 and dead, mostly indigenous Guyanese.

Guyana defence force in national development

A release from the Ministry of the Presidency follows: President David Granger third from right in front row at the conference. Ministry of the Presidency photo The Guyana Defence Force GDF will undergo a significant restructuring programme in the coming days to allow for a greater level of efficiency in the execution of its mandate and to ensure maximum development within the Force.

Changes will be made to the Engineering Corps, with greater emphasis being placed on public infrastructure, the Agriculture Corps, which will focus on food production for the Force and victims of natural disasters and the Signal Corps, which will be re-established as the main arm for the advancement of information and communications technologies and telecommunications within the Force.

Guyana defence force in national development

The Commander in Chief said that the GDF, in pursuance of its defence doctrine, is being strengthened as a well-organised, well-commanded, well-trained and well-equipped Force with the core capabilities to keep the Guyanese citizenry safe and secure. However, he noted that in order for it to fulfil its mission, it must be agile, flexible and fully-integrated.

Guyana defence force in national development this regard, President Granger said that the GDF is being reorganised for greater organisational and operational efficiency. The Agriculture Corps will embark on agro-processing in order to produce foods, which can be preserved and packaged as compact rations for soldiers on long-range patrols and field operations and as emergency supplies to citizens affected by natural disasters such as floods.

The Air Corps and Coast Guard will be upgraded to allow for continuous surveillance over our airspace, maritime space and land-space and to support search-and-rescue services to persons in distress.

The Engineer Corps will be restructured and re-equipped to enable it to reengage in the development of public infrastructure and assist in disaster relief efforts in other countries affected by natural disasters.

The President said that the re-establishment of the National Cadet Corps last week is also in keeping with the restructuring of the Force.

He said that Cadet training centres will be built on a regional basis alongside Militia drill halls. The Militia is an essential arm of the Regional system. Each regional capital town will have its own unit, eventually, to enable to respond more promptly to render assistance to residents in the event of emergencies.

The Force is the premier agency charged with responsibility to protect our homeland against the new security threats such as environmental degradation, flooding and drought.

The President noted that it was recognised that the Force faces numerous challenges in safeguarding the national territory including airspace, borders, marine resources and rivers and as such, Government is working to ensure that these are addressed.

The Essequibo River, our largest river, does not have a single bridge. The Rupununi, our largest region, does not have a single highway.

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Access to nearly seventy-five percent of our country which is covered with forests is difficult, a situation compounded by inadequate infrastructure — such as aerodromes, bridges, highways and stellings.

Infrastructural development is a top national priority. National defence is inseparable from national development. Meanwhile, President Granger said that the Government, ever mindful of its duty to secure territorial integrity and sovereignty, has been engaged in various, vigorous diplomatic initiatives over the past 32 months.

Guyana is still engaged in a renewed Good Offices process but we remain confident that the process will eventuate in a juridical settlement of this controversy — one that has stymied the development of our state since Independence.

This he said, will see the workload of the Force vastly increasing as it readies itself to respond to emerging security threats, fortify its border presence, increase its contribution to national production and pursue enlightened policies of social cohesion and defence diplomacy.

Meanwhile, Brigadier Patrick West, in his presentation said that despite the challenges inthe GDF remains resolute in its mandate.

Khemraj Ramjattan and Minister of Finance, Mr. Winston Jordan were also present at the opening ceremony.First, the young but eager Guyana Defence Force acted decisively in the New River Triangle and secured the entire area for the nation.

Second, Mr Burnham proceeded to inspire and to hone a foreign policy and a foreign service with an acute sensitivity for territorial security that became de rigueur. “Guyana looks forward to the intensification of cooperation with friendly, foreign states, especially in building capacity for the Defence Force’s technical corps to improve the national infrastructure in every part of the country, to defend our territorial integrity, to protect our citizens and to respond to emergencies,” he said in an.

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