Green supply management

Green Supply Chain Management: Of course, not all businesses can employ identical models. Implement New Technologies We live in an age of constant improvement. New technologies and processes are helping businesses to become more efficient than ever before.

Green supply management

A dissertation is then completed between May and August. Strategies for Managing Supply Chains Semester 1 mandatory This course explores how logistics and supply chain management can be leveraged to gain competitive advantage.

When designing a supply chain strategy we consider taxonomies for supply chain process selection as well as approaches to design and optimise the physical logistics network.

Implement New Technologies

Finally, we explore how disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence AIblockchain and the Internet of Things IoTmight affect the logistics sector and transform supply chains in the future.

Global Purchasing and Supply Semester 1 mandatory Purchasing processes and activities; theory and the make or buy decision; category management and supplier sourcing; supplier performance and relationship management; supplier development and the role that purchasing plays in New Product Development NPD ; procuring complex performance; partnership; ethics and social responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility Semester 1 mandatory Develops understanding of corporate social responsibility within the international business context and also alongside environmental responsibility as part of sustainable business development.

Also looks at the conflicts and barriers to implementing corporate social responsibility within global supply chains and the conflicting wants of business and society with regard to issues of globalisation, development and social justice. Freight Transport and Warehouse Management Semester 2 mandatory This course examines the activities, resources and processes used in freight transport and warehousing including the foundations of multi-modal freight road, rail, air-freight, sea-freight, pipeline ; the change from warehouse storage to a distribution centre and value adding activates; foundations of warehouse management storage systems, handling systems, order picking systems, equipment choices and selection ; and freight and distribution centre interface and implications.

Green and Sustainable Logistics Semester 2 mandatory This course examines the impact of logistics on the environment including the underlying operational causes of the impact.

Ways of mitigating environmental damage, including a range of technological and operational measures a company can implement are also looked at. The differences between the strategic, tactical and operational aspects of green logistics management are also considered. Demand and Inventory Planning Semester 2 mandatory This course develops in depth knowledge and understanding of relevant demand and inventory management concepts; an awareness of the impact of forecasting and inventory on supply chain performance; and critical appreciation of the complexities and dynamics of managing inventories in multi-echelon network.

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Research Philosophy and Practice Semester 2 mandatory Provides an understanding of the social science research process, as well as theory and approaches to research. Develops practical skills i. Entry requirements A good Honours degree first or second class or its non-UK equivalent in a relevant subject from a recognised British or overseas university.Abstract — The trend towards developing green supply chain is now gaining popularity among different industries and research with significant environmental management tools to address these.

Green supply management

Abstract—This research aims to survey current green activities in computer parts’ manufacturers in Thailand and to evaluate green supply chain management.

To survey current green activities in computer parts’ manufacturers in Thailand. Green Supply Chain Analysis Helping our customers achieve Corporate Social Responsibility objectives by reducing their impact on the environment Companies are increasingly turning their attention to environmental management, both as responsible citizens and to demonstrate publicly their company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

ABSTRACT: Green supply chain management has emerged as a proactive approach for improving environmental performance of processes and products in accordance with the requirements of environmental regulations.

Green supply management

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Green Supply Chain Principles & Supplier Expectations