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In addition, our firm recently completed the process of a Peer Review, which is administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The review is designed to verify that our company administers the proper control systems that govern our practice. The review also ensures that our practice adheres to field standards.

Cpa 117

Arab Muslim ships sailed from Madagascan island to China and they used to go in and out of Burma. The time when the Muslims arrived in Burma and in Arakan and Maungdaw is uncertain.

These early Muslim settlements and the propagation of Islam were documented by ArabPersianEuropean and Chinese travelers of the 9th century.

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The Sultan agreed to finance the Mosque and sent his Colonel Mah Too-tu in to supervise the project. The Mosque, which is still standing, constitutes a historic landmark. Many settlements in the southern region near present-day Thailand were noted for the Muslim populations, in which Muslims often outnumbered the local Buddhists.

In one record, Pathein was said to be populated with Pathis, [23] and was ruled by three Indian Muslim Kings in the 13th century. Burmese General Minyekyawswa ousted the Arakin king Narameikhla.

This attack paved the way for the Muslim domination of Arakan for a century. The Muslim army who helped him retake the kingdom settled down there. They built the Sandi Khan mosque at the village of Kawalaung. According to the New Chronicle of Arakan, Rakhine Rajawan Sacto get the military assistance, Naramitlha had to surrender the twelve towns of Bhanga Bengal over which Arakan previously claimed suzerainty, to Sultan of Bengal and also had to agree to be feudatory to Bengal.

Arakan thus remained to be a subject state of Bengal for a century ; Bengal Sultans conferred Muslim titles on the kings of Arakan. There were nine Arakan kings with Muslim titles. King Sandathudamma first granted the Prince asylum from his brother Aurunzip who defeated him but later attacked after he tried to escape, allegedly after a failed rebellion.

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He escaped but his two sons and some soldiers were executed. The rest were treated to the water of allegiance and employed as Royal Archers and are the ancestors of present Muslim Kamans. After the death of King Sandathudamma in A.

They were survived soldiers of Prince Shuja reinforced by the fresh soldiers from India. They set up kings, deposed them and created new onces as they like.

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Kamans dominated Arakan from to Muslims arrived in Burma as travellers, adventurers, pioneers, sailors, traders, [41] military personnel voluntary and mercenary[42] and a number of them as prisoners of wars. Some are victims of forced slavery [45] but many of them are professionals and skilled personnel such as advisors to the kings and at various ranks of administration whilst others are port-authorities and mayors and traditional medicine men.

Their colonies were recorded in Chronicles of China in AD. In one record, Pathein was said to be populated with Pathis. Perhaps Pathein comes from Pathi. Arab settlement in the present Meik's mid-western quarters. They took refuge and stayed at the monastery of the monk in Thaton.

Cpa 117

They were said to be tall, fair, swift, brave and very strong. According to a chronicle of Burma related to the Indian Muslim brothers, they were said to have strength of the full-grown elephant after eating the magical meat of a Zaw Gyi or Fakira meal originally prepared for the monk who saved them.

As a consequence, Thaton king became afraid of them and killed the elder brother while he was sleeping in his wife's house. The younger brother managed to escape to Bagan and took refuge to king Anawratha.

He was kept near the king.

Islam in Myanmar - Wikipedia You must submit an official transcript from each school you attended.
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Belaid Jheengoor Canadian accounting profession Origin of name[ edit ] "Chartered Professional Accountant" is borrowed from a similar but aborted Australian merger attempt in There was great interprofessional rivalry happening between the three organizations prior to amalgamation.
Applying for the Uniform CPA Examination Generally, contributions received, including unconditional promises to give, are recognized as revenues in the period received at their fair values. Contributions made, including unconditional promises to give, are recognized as expenses in the period made at their fair values.

He had to fetch flowers, ten times a day, from the Mont Popa, few dozens of miles away from Bagan. He married a girl from Popa and got two sons, Shwe Byin brothers.

They were famous after they successfully infiltrated the Chinese King Utibua's bodyguards and drawn three lines with white lime on the Utibua's body and also wrote the threatening message on the wall. Because of that event, the mighty powerful Chinese army and the king himself were scared, frightened, alarmed and signed a peace agreement with the Burmese.

It is generally assumed that they refused to contribute in the building of a pagoda at Taung Byone, [55] just north of Mandalay. The brothers' enemies left vacant the spaces for the two bricks so that the king could notice.

After a brief inquiry the king ordered to punish the brothers for disobedience but instead of any punishment, they were killed. The royal raft could not move after that, may be the silent protest against the killing by the friends who were not happy with the execution.Connect with other CPA exam candidates in the CPA forum and succeed together.

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Results have been released by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and Board of Accountancy (BoA) just now.

Keep refreshing the page as we complete posting the October CPA Exam Results. A CPA or Certified Public Accountant is someone who has a license to practice public accounting that is issued by their State Board of Accountancy.

CPA’s, in contrast, have normally studied or majored in accounting during college, sat for the CPA exam, worked in an accounting firm for at least two years, and completed hours of auditing.

Cpa 117

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